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Sedation Dentistry for Anxiety & Special Healthcare Needs in Spokane Valley, WA

Do dental appointments make your child nervous? Do they have special healthcare needs that make dental appointments challenging? Don’t let their needs or fears get in the way of them receiving the care they deserve!

At Dr. C KIDS Dentistry, we offer the top sedation dentistry for kids near Spokane Valley because our kid-friendly dentists are specially trained to treat young patients with a range of needs. When developing your child’s treatment plan, we take their entire health history into account to ensure they get dosing that’s healthiest for them. We recognize that dental visits can be nerve-racking for both children and their parents which is why we’ll partner with you so that you are just as comfortable as your child.

Remember, we offer sedation services to children with special healthcare needs, those with sound and light sensitivities, and young children in need of lengthy treatments. No matter your child’s condition or reason, we have a safe solution that can be tailored to their unique needs!

Sedation Dentistry Options

Our local Spokane Valley kids' dental office offers the following levels of sedation:

Laughing Gas

child smiling while laughing gas is being administeredLaughing gas, also known as inhalation sedation, is a light sedative and is typically offered to young children who have trouble sitting still, or those with mild dental anxiety.

Used in the field of dentistry for over two centuries, laughing gas is an odor-free gas that is administered through a comfortable breathing mask. During your child’s treatment, our dentists will adjust the levels of gas, ensuring that they are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Unlike heavier forms of sedation, laughing gas wears off within minutes of the procedure’s completion. This means your child can get back to their normal, scheduled day, free from fatigue!

IV Sedation (Deep Sedation)

Intravenous (IV) sedation, also known as deep sedation or general anesthesia, is generally offered to young patients with extreme dental anxiety, to those with special healthcare needs, or for those who are set to undergo oral surgery or a long treatment.

IV sedation does not put the patient fully to sleep but instead uses anti-anxiety medication that is administered directly into the veins to help promote relaxation. For IV sedation services, our team works with a highly-trained dental anesthesiologist.
Because the effects of IV sedation last longer than the dental treatment, your child must rest at home for the remainder of the day following their treatment.

Your Child Deserves a Relaxing Visit to the Dentist

Dental treatments should never be uncomfortable or scary! Call Dr. C KIDS Dentistry today to learn more about sedation dentistry for children.

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