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Lip & Tongue-Tie Services in Spokane Valley, WA

FREE Lip and Tongue-Tie Consultation

Does your child have a lip or tongue-tie? Schedule your FREE consultation to get answers to your questions and see if a frenectomy is the right option for your child.

Does your child have trouble nursing or eating? Have they been diagnosed with speech problems? A frenectomy, more commonly known as lip and/or tongue-tie release surgery, could be the easy and gentle treatment they need to thrive.

At Dr. C KIDS Dentistry, we use the power of laser technology to correct conditions in which the tongue or lip is too tight in a child's mouth, restricting oral function. Our state-of-the-art treatment takes just a few minutes to complete and is performed by kids' dentists who have a breadth of experience treating lip and tongue ties. We proudly offer the very best frenectomies for lip and tongue ties near Spokane Valley, WA because we offer laser frenectomies! Our high-tech lasers help make the treatment comfortable and painless for most.

Does Your Child Have A Lip Or Tongue Tie?

When left untreated, both tongue-ties and lip-ties can cause serious health problems, with many oral and full-body health risks. These problems can even extend into adulthood, presenting as migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, acid reflux, and speech problems.

Are you concerned that your breastfeeding infant may be suffering from this condition? Here are some of the most common symptoms in infants:

  • Minimal weight gain and/or failure to thrive
  • No latch or frequently broken latch while breastfeeding
  • Infant continuously makes clicking or smacking sounds while breastfeeding
  • Frequent gas, colic, or acid reflux
  • Prolonged feeding time
  • Inability to hold pacifier in mouth
  • Excessive gumming or chewing of the nipple

Lip or tongue-ties can be present in older children, as well. Symptoms may include:

  • Speech issues
  • Continual mouth-breathing
  • Tongue-thrust
  • Childhood sleep apnea
  • Frequent night terrors
  • Snoring
  • Difficulty eating certain textures
  • Difficulty using a spoon or straw

Treating Tongue Ties And Lip Ties

The frenectomy procedure may be performed as soon as a few days after your baby's birth. If you are a parent of an older child, or suffer from lip or tongue-tie yourself, our skilled team can perform the same procedure for patients of all ages.

Because a laser is used, the procedure and recovery are fast and comfortable for you and your child. Benefits to using a laser instead of traditional "scissors" for this frenectomy procedure include:

  • Minimal to no bleeding
  • Rapid treatment time (only 2-3 minutes!)
  • Lightning-fast healing and recovery
  • Minimal chance for the tongue or lip to re-attach

Lip & Tongue-Tie Consultations & Treatments

When you bring your child to our Spokane Valley, WA dental office for lip or tongue-tie treatment, you will be greeted by the very same knowledgeable team members you trust from your child’s regular visits. We will quickly bring you back to the treatment room where our kids' dentists will perform a gentle, yet thorough oral examination. As a parent, you can be part of the entire process - from the consultation phase through the procedure's end.

After the oral examination, dentists will share their findings and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure. If your child is an excellent candidate for a frenectomy, we will provide you with all of the information you need to ensure that your child has everything for the day of the treatment.

You can expect the frenectomy itself to only take 2-3 minutes. We encourage you to use the treatment room as long as you need to feed or comfort your baby.
The final step of the lip and tongue-tie surgical procedure is for our doctors to review post-operative care with you. We request that you schedule a follow-up appointment for your child so that we can assess their healing.

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Trust the lip and tongue-tie experts at Dr. C KIDS Dentistry! Call today to schedule your child’s frenectomy consultation.

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