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Ortho Evaluations

FREE Orthodontic Consult

You and your family deserve healthy, beautiful, straight smiles you can be proud of! Schedule your FREE orthodontic consultation today!

At Dr. C KIDS Dentistry, our friendly team offers orthodontic evaluations for kids of all ages! Each evaluation is designed to ensure that your little one's teeth can achieve and maintain proper alignment. If your child is diagnosed with an orthodontic issue, our skilled doctors will take care of you at Dr. C Orthodontics!

young girl with braces smilingDr. C Orthodontics takes pride in offering modern, professional care to the Airway Heights community! There, you can receive advanced orthodontic treatments from the local dental team you know and trust. We take customer service as seriously as we take patient care — meaning you and your child will always feel comfortable and cared for!

We offer a selection of FREE amenities, including:

  • A stylish waiting area with complimentary beverages. We invite you to sip on something from our tasty beverage selection and relax while you enjoy the art and music in our office.
  • In-office entertainment. Patients can use our iPads to go online or play games. Kids can catch a quick show on one of the many TVs throughout the office (there are even TVs on the ceilings!), or listen to a playlist on our wireless headphones.

Aside from our comforting amenities, Dr. C Kids and Dr. C Orthodontics provides the opportunity to receive orthodontic care from the dental team you know and trust. Whether your child needs oral surgery, restorative dentistry, braces, or anything else on our long list of services, our interdisciplinary services are designed to ensure every patient is taken care of in every aspect of their oral health journey!

Experience the Difference at Dr. C's Office!

Call us today to experience the difference and schedule your child's orthodontic evaluation.

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