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Laser Dentistry for Kids in Airway Heights, WA

At Dr. C KIDS Dentistry, our dentists are committed to leveraging the latest dental technologies to provide the gentlest, fastest, and most effective kids care possible. For young patients, dental lasers can be used for both tooth and soft tissue related procedures. For a majority of patients, laser treatments are completely painless, meaning that NO local anesthesia is required. Unlike the dental drill, laser dentistry causes no heat or vibration, making the procedure comfortable and peaceful for patients of all ages, even newborns. For soft tissue treatment, lasers eliminate the need for sutures, making healing times faster.

child smiling after laser dentistry procedureOur cutting-edge dental lasers can be used to complete infant and child frenectomies (tongue-tie and lip-tie treatments), exposure of unerupted teeth, and dental fillings, and crowns. We offer the very best laser dentistry near Airway Heights, WA because our team is focused on making our treatments as painless and rapid as possible.

About 'No Shot/No Drill' Laser Dentistry

The seasoned kids' dentists at Dr. C KIDS Dentistry use lasers to create a comfortable, stress-free experience for patients, and to offer more precise treatments with lightning-fast treatment times. Patients benefit not only from the speed, quietness, and precision that our dental lasers offer but also minimal blood and tissue trauma. (This can be particularly advantageous for treating children!)

When compared with older, more traditional treatment methods, our lasers feature reduced post-care discomfort and significantly faster healing rates.

Our Airway Heights kids' dentists may utilize dental lasers to perform the following services:

With this laser technology, your child should expect to experience a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional procedures and surgeries, including:

  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Maximized Comfort
  • Faster Appointments
  • Less Need for Local Anesthetic - No Injections!
  • Multiple-Phase Treatment in One Sitting
  • Minimized Need for Specialty Referrals

Learn More About Laser Dentistry for Children 

Thanks to our laser technologies, your child's treatment can be more comfortable, efficient, and effective. Call today to schedule your child’s laser dentistry service!

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